Question: Is there any good tips that you can recommend in building your audience at a lower cost? How can you build up your likes on Facebook without advertising?

The first important step to consider in building an audience is by posting a high quality content regularly. Take the time to enjoy the functionalities that every social network can offer in making your content appealing and more discoverable.

What is the meaning of business listing?

Business listing is known to be an online listing. This contains the basic information about your business. This serves as a starting point for the research of consumers. This is also crucial because it maintains the consistent contact information for your online business, particularly physical address, business name, phone number and the like. With an up-to-date and accurate listing, this converts online customers into potential customers.

Will I sound different to other competitors?

The industry is bombarded with a lot of business competitors. You just need to take a closer look at the specific things regarding your business. Take the time to ask a few simple questions. Is your business operated by your family? Is it located in a convenient and safe place? Do you have years of skills and experience as compared to competitors? Maybe, you can provide for personalized and exceptional customer service to every client despite the size of your own business.

Think of all the reasons that your customers will like your services. Once you already determined the competitive advantage of your business, then you can be at par with them. You can start thinking of the best message for your website for your potential and current customers.

How will I be able to gather reliable information regarding my target customers?

There are many analytic tools that can be used in accessing reliable customer data. One of the first things that you must do is to set up an account on Google Analytics. This is a free tool that allows you to analyze the information about the traffic. This also includes the geographic location of all of your visitors and their devices.

With social media followers, Facebook and LinkedIn provide the right analytics information. The insights on business pages can help you in understanding everything from age breakdown and gender of your fans, to their rank and job industries.

If the following resources still do not give you the right amount of data, then you can invest on paid tool that helps you in analyzing the kinds of customers. You can make use of keywords that are related to your product, both in social and search media.

Is there a definite budget that must be invested in a website?

Although there is no exact budget that guarantee of a good website, it is still important to learn that your website is a representation of your own brand. Thus, this creates the first impression for good customer base. This is worth investing for you; concentrate on a simple and clean layout. However, you need to keep the experience of users in mind.


Make certain that you already have the social buttons. These can further help you in encouraging visitors. However, you must take time in optimizing your website for mobile!